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Rebecca Miller - Finch & Heron Interiors - Interior Decorator - Cedar Creek Lake

Meet Rebecca Miller

Finch & Heron Interiors Mission

Home is sacred. We work to orchestrate exquisitely designed sanctuaries for our clients that resonate with them and enable them to live their best life. By infusing sustainability, wellness, and joy into the work we do, we hope to create a transformative and personal experience for our clients.

Originally from Northern Utah, Rebecca's innate love of design began at an early age. A graduate of Utah State University's competitive, CIDA-accredited interior design program, she was recognized for her dynamic aesthetic and furniture pairings. During school, Rebecca interned for Habachy Designs in Atlanta and became a LEED Green Associate. She gained experience at the side of a top designer here in Dallas working on high-end, 8k+ square foot residential projects across the metroplex and for a time wrote a blog about the intersection of design and sustainability before creating Finch & Heron Interiors.

While her interiors are typically clean and textural, Rebecca is comfortable working in a variety of styles and always loves a new challenge. Her aesthetic is deeply informed by the mountains, marshes, and meadows of her childhood home in the Rockies, as well as her travels through Europe, North and Central America, and Japan.

Finch & Heron Interiors offers bespoke full-service residential interior design to clients throughout the United States. Based in Dallas, Texas, FHI is named for the streets where the concept was born. Our holistic approach to design and specialty in interior architecture drive us to go beyond décor and bring out the soul of a space.

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